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Meet Our Residents

Many of the tortoises who arrive at our rescue will eventually be adopted into forever homes. This was our goal when opening the rescue in 2019, and will continue to be our goal as long as we have our doors open to tortoises and box turtles in need of rescuing. We recognize not every tortoise or box turtle that makes its way to us can stay. Space, and funds just won't allow for it. That being said, there are a few tortoises that will remain here. This is for various reasons, ranging from health issues to human attachment issues (namely mine). All permanent residents are regularly used for educational programming with the public.

To have us bring tortoises to your school or other organization please visit the Educational Programming tab at the top of the HOME page. You will find an application for programming.  (Not all tortoises below will be with us when we visit you, we chose randomly the individual tortoises we bring to each program).

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of our permanent residents and education animals.



Sushi is a Sulcata Tortoise that came to live with us in 2015. He was 2 years old and living a life in an aquarium that he was very quickly outgrowing. His owner was going to college and could not take him along. I was contacted by a friend who knew the owner and who asked me if I would take Sushi and give him a home. I was reluctant, as I didn't know much about tortoises at that time. I did some research and made the decision to take Sushi into our home. He is now almost 9 years old and weighs 14 pounds. He had such a bashful personality when he came to live he, but he is truly coming out of his



Rocky, a Sulcata Tortoise, came to our rescue in 2018. He was born in 2000 and lived a life as a classroom pet surrounded by children. He learned to untie shoes and chase toes. He was very well loved and cared for by his owner. Changes in their lives meant Rocky could no longer stay with them. Rocky's owner hated to part with him, but wanted to do what was best for him. Rocky is a favorite at programs and festivals. He has a ornery personality and loves to chase kids. At over 60 pounds he is a handful, but he has stolen our heart and will stay here as a permanent resident, even when he is too large to take to programs.



Tim, a Sulcata, came to the rescue in 2018 shortly after Rocky arrived. By late summer of that year word was getting out that we had tortoises and record numbers of phone calls came in asking us to take their tortoises. Tim was unhealthy upon arrival having been fed predominantly bananas and canned green beans. After 6 months of offering the right foods and numerous veterinarian visits, and antibiotics he finally started eating and within a few months was thriving. His true personality began to shine and we fell in love. He is going to be featured in a 2022 college physics textbook depicting his ear as part of a chapter study. He is so sweet and endearing and comes on a run....or at least as much as a tortoise can run for shell scratches and attention. Tim frequently goes with us to programs and festivals and everyone loves him.



Hootch, a Red-Footed Tortoise, came to us in 2018. He was 22 years old and so very loved by his family. He grew up with several little girls to give him shell scratches and lots of love. Eventually the little girls grew up, and his owner felt he would do better to live where he would get more attention. Hootch has personality in spades and is adored everywhere he goes. He is almost always with us at festivals and programs. He loves shell scratches, and gives the most amazing tortoise hugs. We can't imagine not having Hootch with us.



McQueen, a Leopard Tortoise, is the newest addition to our education animals. He is approximately 10-15 years old and on the shy side. His owner had reached a point in his life when he has to start thinking about downsizing and wanted to do what was best for McQueen. We are happy to have him as an addition to our educational programming. We think he will be very much loved.

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