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We are frequently asked if we have tortoises or box turtles available for adoption. Deciding to place our tortoises with other families is never an easy decision for us. Many of these animals come to us with health issues, deformities, and often from very neglectful situations. We struggle with making sure we never put these amazing animals in those situations again. We also recognize that we cannot keep each animal that comes into our care, especially those that are healthy enough to be adopted. We will post updated candidates on this page with some details about each one. If you are interested in applying for ownership please fill out an application here

We will do our best to place the right tortoise or box turtle with the right family so both you and the tortoise (or turtle) are happy.



TACO is a 15 year old female Sulcata. She weighs approximately 60 pounds. Her adoption fell through and we are offering her for adoption again.  These tortoises require a large space for grazing, and roaming. They have the potential to reach 150 or more pounds and quickly outgrow small enclosures. If you cannot provide at least 1/2 acre do not apply. They also have the capability to be diggers and because Taco was kept with a male for nearly 2 years she is bred and may lay eggs. We request all eggs be destroyed. We DO NOT need anymore of these tortoises in the pet trade. If you con provide appropriate housing, outdoor space, winter enclosure and correct diet please find our adoption application at the top of the home page under the adoption tab. 



WILSON is a Russian tortoise looking for a new home. he arrived at the rescue a few weeks ago. his owner could no loner keep him due to a conflict with her dogs. He is shy and unsure of his new surroundings. He needs a forever home that will love and care for him and coax him out of his shell. Russians live approximately 6o years and are small manageable tortoises for families. He will need an outdoor area for summer that measures at least 10X15 feet. He will require a large tortoise table for his indoor enclosure (no aquariums). If you are interested in applying for Wilson please visit our home page and fill out an application. Be sure to mention Wilson in the comments.




NOLDBERG is a sweet, shy Russian tortoise.  His age is unknown, and this is due to the fact that many Russians are wild caught and imported from their homeland. These animals are often stressed and don't do well in petshop settings. His owner could not get him to eat for many months, so he ended up with us. He is now eating well and ready to go to a forever home. If you are interested in adopting Noldberg please fill out an application form.

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