Eliza and her young son Caleb drove from Omaha to meet and adopt our Russian Tortoise Noldberg. He was surrendered to our rescue last year when his owners could not get him to eat. Often Russian Tortoises are wild caught and struggle to acclimate to captivity. After getting him hydrated and treated for parasites he perked up and began eating. This healthy, happy, shy Russian tortoise has now found his forever home.


This young Sulcatta tortoise came to the rescue and was here less than a day before being adopted by a Veterinarian technician who has always wanted a tortoise. She was given the name Ares and is adjusting to her new home nicely.

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Sooki is a Russian tortoise that arrived at the rescue several months ago. She came in with another male Russian tortoise named Steve. When we heard these two young people were wanting to adopt a small tortoise we knew we had found the perfect home for her.

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Henry is a large male Sulcatta tortoise who came to the rescue all the way from Minnesota. His owners loved him, but could no longer keep him. He has been with us for several months and the decision was made to adopt him into a forever home. This allows us to take in more tortoises in need. Henry went to a wonderful hobby farm near Kansas City with a great family who will love and care for him. He will even have a pig and a goat to hang out with. We love it when we can find the right families for these amazing animals.



Braxton knew how much his girlfriend Rebecca loved tortoises (all turtles really), and he very much wanted to give her one for her birthday this year. He reached out to us and after several emails and a visit to our place we found the perfect fit for her. She was so surprised by Braxton’s gift and was thrilled to be taking Steve our Russian tortoise home with her. We here at Tortoise Run Farm are so happy that Steve will have a very happy forever home with someone who loves him and wants to learn about him.



Seymour came to the rescue last summer. Her owners could no longer keep her. We were fortunate to find a perfect forever home for her, and wish her a long happy life in Iowa.



Barb and her Mother drove nearly three hours to adopt Ted, one of our male Sulcatta tortoises. Ted will be a classroom pet/education animal during much of the school year and then will spend his summers on vacation, eating all the grass and dandelions he can handle. We are so happy Ted will be an ambassador of his kind. GO TED!

UPDATE: We received the picture to the far right of Ted cruising the halls at the school where his new owner works. We love knowing Ted is going to be an educational animal and reach tons of people with his sweet, charming personality.



Linda Russell and her family were looking to add a tortoise to their growing animal farm. They love turtles and felt a Russian tortoise was a good fit for them. Hank is now with a loving forever home.