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We were honored to be featured in an issue of Mary Jane Farms Magazine in their Newsroom section!


Tortoise Run farm, located near Savannah, Missouri, is a nonprofit that takes in abandoned or surrendered tortoises and turtles like sushi, caring for them and giving them a home.

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Many would find cows, chickens and horses roaming pastures when driving around Northwest Missouri, but one farm located in Savannah houses an animal that is a little more unusual.

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She’s been called Bug Lady, Snake Lady, and now, Shelly Cox can add Tortoise Lady to her repertoire.

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“About four years ago, a tortoise was given to me by a friend and she was the only I had for three years and now I have 12,” Cox said. “The word is getting out that if you have a tortoise and you can’t care for it anymore they are coming to me.”

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Humans aren’t the only ones getting out and about during the summer. As we’re enjoying the outdoors, we need to watch for any reptiles and amphibians that might be around.

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VIDEO: Shelly Cox showcases animals on morning edition

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While many love nature, not everyone is always so eager to get their hands dirty or interact with animals that are not as desirable, like as snakes, spiders, reptiles and bugs.

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