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Lucy is one of our favorites here at the rescue. In June we had severe storms come through our area and 80 MPH straight-line winds damaged the box turtle enclosure. Lucy and two other box turtles were able to walk out. We are concerned about Lucy. She has a lot of health issues and will most likely not survive on her own.


She was lost east of Savannah, off of E highway. Please contact us if you see her.

Lucy lost&Found.jpg

Polly & Patch

Polly and Patch were new arrivals to the rescue. They are the two box turtles that escaped with Lucy (Above post). They had been here less than a week when the storms damaged the pen they were in. We have not been able to locate them. Patch is missing an eye and was scheduled to have the eye socket sutured shut to prevent fly infestation and infection.


We hope they can be located and returned to us.  Please contact us if you think you may have seen them

Polly and Patch Lost & Found.jpg



UPDATE: August 21, 2020 her owners have been found. She is named Mizzou and frequently leaves her enclosure. After encouraging them to eliminate her ability to do that they assured me they would fix her pen. 



This Sulcatta tortoise was found roaming in Holt, Missouri,  on August 8th, 2020. We would like to reconnect it with its owner if possible. We aren’t sure if it is an escapee, or has been dumped (there are indications this could be the case). If you or someone you know is missing their tortoise please contact us. We ask that you be able to give a description of your missing tortoise including gender and approximate weight/size. Also tell us the general area in Holt County where your tortoise came up missing. We do realize these tortoises can travel for miles, especially if they have been missing for awhile, but we want to do everything within our power to return this tortoise to the “RIGHT owner.

Mizzou Lost & Found.jpg


This male sulcatta is headed home. He climbed over his enclosure and was found roaming his neighborhood. We got the message he was wandering around lost. We picked him up and brought him home and began posting all over social media that we had him. His owner was located the very  next day! His name is Kuma and his owner Chad Landdess was very happy to have him home safe and sound.



This gorgeous Sulcatta tortoise showed up at the Schlagle Library in Wyandotte County Kansas. When it was found by employees of the library it was believed it was a dumped pet. After speaking to them I assured them it was probably a lost pet that escaped it’s enclosure. They worked hard to find it’s owner and within a couple of hours Harold was headed home. He’d been missing for more than 4 weeks and had traveled 3 miles! We are so happy he is reunited with his owners!

Harold .jpg

INterstate Travler

This Sulcatta approached a gentleman and his son while they were fishing near the river by St. Louis. They thought he had been dumped. He found our contact info on Facebook and after speaking to him I encouraged him to check the lost and found pet pages for his area. I was sure someone was missing their tortoise. Within 30 minutes the owners had been located. This tortoise had been missing for more than a month and traveled 4 miles and even crossed a busy interstate to get to where he was found. So glad this was a happy ending and he was able to go back home!

interstate travler.jpg
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